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The Wedding Shower

I sat in my hotel room waiting for Claire – we were on our way to Margot’s Wedding Shower! I hadn’t given much thought to the event because Claire kindly handle everything, from LA, freeing up more time for me to devote to the wedding planning. In those quiet few minutes, I realized what a milestone this day was.

I had a sneak preview the day before of the details Claire created and was excited to see her vision come to fruition. She had so many thoughtful and beautiful details worked out. And Bryan, Claire’s boyfriend, executed her ideas creating beautiful graphics on all her “props.” I was excited to participate in such an important day for Margot. Frankly, I was beaming with pride for both of my girls, and the anticipation of the day was thrilling.

Claire and I got to the venue an hour before the shower to set up. The event was held at Talaula’s Garden in Washington Square, Philadelphia. It was a hot and very humid day, so the event was inside. A pity because they have such a lovely outdoor garden. However, the restaurant is adorable and the AC was much appreciated.

From the minute we walked into the venue, we were warmly greeted and told to make ourselves at home. The florist was putting the finishing touches on the tables.

Claire went around and put the table names, menu card at each setting.

Including a clever ad libs she created especially for Margot “Marg Libs,” that everyone got to help her write her vows to Andy!

I put up the sign “Margot is getting married.”

Lined up the Prosecco splits with the adorable straw attached with a flag that read “Sip Sip Hurray!”

Jane (Andy’s Mom) and Susan (Jane’s sister) contributed their own homemade touch to the décor. These two are amazing. They made a beautiful towel cake, which I had never heard of!

They also made dozens and dozens of mustache and lip cookies! This is the theme of their save-the-date card and wedding invitation.

While we were working, I watched a women assemble a beautiful cheese spread. It was as artistic in design as it was in taste.

Our first guest was very special. Across the street from their childhood home, were twins – Erica and Kristina. They felt like my own children. They’ve moved away to their respective jobs and we don’t get to see them often, so having Erica there was wonderful. We spent lots of time just hugging, trying to make up for lost time.

More friends and family poured through the door and the party was on. Margot showed att 11:15 – the shower wansn’t a surprise, but the location was.

A very happy, excited girl!

Hors d’oeuvres

Spanakopita with yogurt
Hummus on crisp chickpea canapés (VEGAN)
Saffron arancini with lemon aioli

Specialty Cocktail

A gin-St. Germain-cucumber drink that is fizzy (either with soda water or sparkling wine) and Bloody Marys.


Walnut Block “Collectables” Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Marlborough, NZ
Domaine du Chapitre Côtes du Rhône 2015 L’Ardeche, FR

Claire also arranged for “Pop Up Polaroids” to come and take photos during cocktails, including some fun props. Everyone got into the spirit and we have loads of great group photos in addition to the ones I took.

Luncheon Menu

Then it was present time. No wilting flower, Margot enthusiastically and emotionally opened so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts. While Margot loves receiving gifts, you should know that the smallest present is as much appreciated as something monumental. She realizes that a gift is a reflection of affection and she is so appreciative of every little detail.

It was fun to watch her facial expressions, tears of joy and her innate silliness. This particular picture shows just what a nut she is – they got a pet hair vacuum and she’s hugging it!

It was a perfect day filled with so much love and laughter and there is nothing better than being surrounded by your closed family and friends.

Both MOB (me) and MOG (Jane) were delighted with the outcome!