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The Tent

The Tent

We finally had the tent meeting. What an eye opener. Here’s the result of my discussion with Audrey, our wedding planner, and Jane from Stamford Tent.

Spinnaker Tent

Margot chose a spinnaker tent made from sailcloth. She loves the fact that it has only center poles and the top slopes gently from the peak to the edges. We’ll use up-lighting to create a beautiful visual on the ceiling.

Stamford Tent

Worst case scenario – rainy or bad weather

The wedding ceremony and cocktail hour would take place in a smaller tent adjacent to the larger one for dinner and dancing. This allows the staff to make the transition of chairs to the dinning room efficiently. Also, the spot lighting on the tables will been set, if they get moved for the ceremony and then put back, the lighting is askew.

The tents need a canopy between them so no one gets wet, including flaps if necessary.

The Tent

Two men are attendance throughout the evening to make sure there are no problems. If it should rain, then become pleasant, the sides can be removed to enjoy the improved weather.

Another canopy will be put up from the main tent to the garage for the caterer and to protect guests as they enter, leave and visit the restroom.

The Tent

Best-case scenario –  beautiful weather.

The ceremony will be in the center yard of the circle driveway. We need a mic and DJ set up, a small table for the ceremony and candle lighting and decor for the hoopah.

The reception moves down to the pool. We’ll have a few high-top tables strategically placed with two full bars and four bartenders for the reception area and dinner.

Dinner and dancing in the tent, open to the fresh air. Keep your fingers crossed for the best case scenario!

Stamford Tent

Next decisions to make: tables, chairs, dance floor, decor!