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Spring Has Sprung!

The days are warming up and the sun is shining on consecutive days — hurray! The Bren Landscaping crew were here Friday and Saturday mowing the lawn and laying rich dark chocolate
sweet peat throughout the gardens. The colors are eye-popping.

I love the vibrant colors of spring, the yellow daffodils and forsythia, the pink and white of the magnolia tree. Purple hyacinths and the green backdrop of the revived lawn is pure perfection. Here’s a peek at our gardens as they come back to life.


This garden in the middle of the circle driveway is one of my favorites. The rock was picked especially for sitting on and taking in the views.


This is the backyard garden. More rocks (big fan of big rocks!!) and it flowers continuously throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Here are before and after pictures – what a difference that sweet peat makes!


I took this picture (above) Friday. The picture below on Saturday after the sprucing up.


I’ve also included some shots of the masonry work on the property. The tiered wall down to the pool is just magnificent and the garden path to the stairs is lined with stone. All the stone you see came from our property!





And of course, no outdoor living space is complete without a fire pit.


Happy Spring Everyone!