Seared Sea Scallops

seared sea scallops

Sea scallops are low in calories, cook quickly, and go with a variety of sauces besides a butter sauce. Try pesto, tomato sauce, or salsa for variety.



1 ½ pounds sea scallops
kosher salt
coarsely ground black pepper
olive oil


An hour or two before cooking, open the package, place in a colander, peel away the small muscle attached to the side and discard. Rinse again and let drain in the strainer for a few minutes.

Line a plate or platter large enough to hold the scallops without touching with paper towel.

Place the scallops on the tray leaving a little space between each one, cover with more paper towel and gently, very gently, press the paper towel onto the scallops. Store in the refrigerator.

Drying the scallops of excess moisture makes it easier to sear them quickly and get a nice brown crust on the top and bottom without overcooking them.

Use a pastry brush dipped into a little olive oil to brush a non-stick skillet or griddle. Place over high heat.

Fetch your scallops from the refrigerator and remove the top paper towel. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper.

Once the skillet/griddle is hot, place the scallops seasoned side down and lightly sprinkle the tops with more salt and pepper.

Cook on high until the scallop has developed a nicely browned crust. Turn and cook another minute or two until that side has a nicely browned crust. The center of a cooked scallop should still be a little translucent and moist.

Serve these with our Creamed Kale and Leeks.

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