Roasting Master Class

Roasting Master Class Download

Course Objective: The goal of roasting is a beautifully browned exterior and meat that is evenly cooked and juicy throughout. The first few videos explain the science of cooking proteins and how you can control the cooking process by understating a few simple guidelines.

Video 2-1A How to Tie a Roast

Video 2-1B Factors that Affect Roasting Time

Video 2-1C Factors that Affect Roasting

Video 2-1D Rest the Roast for Optimum Results

Video 2-1E Review-Cooking the Perfect Roast

Video 2-2 Roasted Rosemary Garlic Boneless Leg of Lamb

Video 2-3 How to Clean Mushrooms

Video 2-4 Roasted Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs and Garlic

Video 2-5 Roasted Asparagus

Video 2-6 How to Wash Berries

Video 2-7 Triple Berry Crisp

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