Mocha Espresso – Hot and Iced

glass chocolate milk and a pull of espresso

I’m not a big flavored coffee drink lover. But, I have to admit that anything “mocha” is very appealing as chocolate and coffee are such delicious companions. When we were making the video for Mocha Espresso, it seemed logical to also make an iced version, too.

chopped chocolate

Mocha espresso is simply, chocolate milk and espresso! What makes it super delicious, however, is melting very good, dark chocolate in hot milk until very smooth and then combining it with espresso. Hot or cold it’s a decadent treat!

glass of iced mocha espresso with whipped cream and a straw

Want to make an adult version? Add a shot of coffee liqueur!

Enjoy either hot or cold with a slice of Pumpkin Chocolate Coffee Cake!

Watch the Mocha Espresso video here and the iced version here.

2 comments on “Mocha Espresso – Hot and Iced

  1. Madame Reporter Yvonne T Mora CSR 4541 on

    Thank you with all due respect in my family tradition. I am thrilled at the opportunity to learn to cook your recipes and I am gong to make this Mocha Expresso coffee with a possible Coffee Liqueur!

    Thank you all for your graphic designers efforts, and you are the co-creators because The Lord is ultimately the Creator of such an invention as computer user-friendly cooking lessons and its’ successful application to our modern world.

    How comforting to cook in the privacy of my own home, in my hearth, at anytime of the year, at my convenience.
    I will keep your success in the forefront of my New Year’s Resolution to pray more often as I fast on this Feast Day of the Roman Catholic Church during Christmastime. Bon Appetit!


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