How To: Trim and Cut Celery Root


Celery root is an unusual looking vegetable. It’s relatively smooth top slopes downward and turns into an octopus-looking creature with all those thick roots hanging out. Dirt hides in those nooks and crannies on the bottom and you should trim them away and then give the entire root a good scrub with a vegetable brush and pat dry.

Remove the root end until there are no noticeable dirty crevices.


Then remove the top end.


Stand the celery root on the flat root end, which is broadest. Take a sharp knife and begin to pare the root from top to bottom in strips by turning it slightly and paring slices until the outer layer is gone.


A completely pared celery root.


Cut into round slices.


Cut into strips.


Turn 90 degrees and cut into cubes. For soup and mashed potatoes, smaller cooks faster. For roasted vegetables, try to keep the size similar to the other vegetables you are cooking.


See the difference in size.



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