How to Skin a Fish Fillet

fish fillet


Last week we demonstrated how to select a fish fillet. Today we’ll demonstrate how to skin a fish fillet before cooking.

Removing the skin on fish is totally optional. You can certainly cook the fish skin on and serve it that way. You can also remove the skin after cooking, but it sometimes disturbs the meat and doesn’t make such a great presentation.

Remember, too, that any fish monger will do this for you, you just have to ask!

I also like to cut the fish into individual portions before cooking. It’s easier and much neater.

How to Skin a Fish Fillet

Watch as we demonstrate how to skin a wild salmon fillet. We had a glitch, which in an instructional video is sometimes good a thing because I was able to show what you do if the skin doesn’t come off in one piece.

Watch the video here!



Next week we’ll finish up the Fish Master Class series with a video on compound butters and one on roasted fish fillets using the compound butters.

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