How to Select a Fresh Fish Fillet

fresh fish fillets

This is another segment in our Fish Master Class on how to select a fresh fish fillet.

A reputable fish monger keeps a very clean store, it’s odor free and has lots of fresh ice in the case with the fish on top and good drainage below. Look for a busy store, which means quick turnover and fresh fish.

Qualities of Fresh Fish

Good quality, fresh white meat fish is moist, no cracks in the flesh, somewhat opaque, and has a fresh clean smell. Avoid any fillets that appear dry, cracked, have pooling water, a funky/fishy smell or the flesh is turning a chalky white.

In a dark-fleshed fish, such as salmon or tuna, look for the same qualities as above, but with vibrantĀ color, tuna is almost red and salmon a bright orange to somewhat of a melon color. Avoid any fillets that appear dry, cracked or the flesh is turning a dark color.

Purchase your fish fillets the day of or day before cooking. Keep wrapped in the back of the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.

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Watch the video here.

Next week, we demonstrate how to remove the skin from a fresh fish fillet.

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