Radishes & Olive Oil

I was at the Westport Farmer’s Market the other day and found the most beautiful radishes from Rose’s Berry Farm. The greens are vibrant and perfectly shaped; they deserve to be used. And the radishes are a rainbow of colors: white, purple, pink and red. Sandy, they required a few washings. As I separated the greens and the root, I couldn’t help myself, I started eating. Delicious!

I then stopped by Olive Oil of the World for a tasting. Ersilia had a delicious balsamic vinegar aged 12 years, with a balanced acidity and delightful sweetness. It’s bottled especially for her in Modena. I also tasted three of the extra-virgin olive oils. I wanted a peppery one and I found just what I was looking for: Frantoio Peltristo from Perugia. This is an oil for finishing dishes, dressing salad greens and dunking bread.

Ersilia Morena – Olive Oil Expert

That last thought led me to Wave Hill Breads. I told them I wanted a bread to go with the olive oil, a bull’s-eye of the vinegar and a light sprinkling of Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. They suggested a three-grain country French batard, with a crispy crust and porous texture just right for sopping up the oil and vinegar. Yum.

After tasting the greens, which I found a little grassy, I decided to cook them whole, stems removed. I sautéed minced shallot and some sliced garlic in a little olive oil (I use Stew Leonards extra-virgin olive oil store brand for cooking) and then added some radishes sliced lengthwise and some roasted yellow pepper. When the pasta was ready, I quickly sautéed the greens and added pasta. The greens wilted, but remained crunchy. I topped it off with a swirl of the Frantoio Peltristo. Accompanied by the bread and dip, it was a lovely dinner.

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