Progress on the Falafel and Key Lime Front and a New Recipe

Today was better. My head seemed clearer, I didn’t overthink the recipes so much. I retried the Key lime with white chocolate – better flavor, but not as crispy as I’d like. This is a dilemma – the cookie caramelizes easily and longer cooking may scorch the cookie.

Made huge strides with the falafel biscotti. Roasted the chickpeas and omitted lemon juice (kept the zest), which reduced the recipe by ½ cup – that’s all liquid! Flavor is really good, but typical of savory biscotti the texture is soft. Topped them off with both white and black sesame seeds.

I was in the grocery store and saw a jar of  Nutella. My niece, Rebecca, loves this spread and I knew I had to make a Nutella and hazelnut biscotti. Good flavor and texture – more nuts next time.

Flavors tend to improve overnight, not necessarily so with texture; I’ll be anxious to try them again tomorrow. Stayed tuned.

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