The Personal Touch

The personal touch

Those Borchin/Crosbie girls are so talented. Jane, mother-of-the-groom and Susan, her sister, have added a wonderful personal touch to our upcoming wedding!

We’ve already experienced Susan’s delicious cookies on our wedding dress shopping trip. If you haven’t seen them, click here!

They made more cookies for the shower, in the signature lips and mustache theme the kids are using for their invitation. And the beautiful towel cake! Check those out here!

Crafty Wedding Touches

For the wedding, these two put their heads together once again and come up with more of that personal touch! They found a birdcage, decorated it and it will be used for the gift cards at the wedding. Beautiful and practical.

Borchin/Lobenfeld wedding

Aunt Susan lined a white basket and added purple bows for Aubree’s rose petals.

Borchin/Lobenfeld wedding

And, she made these gorgeous ring pillows for our two ring bearers, Rowan and Scarlett.

Borchin/Lobenfeld wedding

Jane and Susan have also volunteered to make toiletry baskets for both the Men’s and Ladies’ rooms. Our guests are sure to have everything they could possibly need at their fingertips!

We’re very lucky to be marrying into such a talented and thoughtful family. Thank you Jane and Susan!

2 comments on “The Personal Touch

  1. Jane Borchin on

    We’re so glad you like the basket, pillows, and birdcage! Susan is definitely the creative genius and I am happy to be the gofer! In one short month we will get to see all the thought, planning and effort come together in one glorious day- Margot and Andrew’s Wedding! Can’t wait!!


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