Outdoor Living – July

Selfishly, I was glad the weather wasn’t so great while we were away. I didn’t feel I missed so much of our outdoor living time, which is so limited here in the Northeast. I guess I paid for my
selfishness, because the 4th was relatively cool and rainy, followed by heat and humidity that was just plain unpleasant and then yesterday I sat on the porch wrapped in a blanket!

Today is a glorious summer day; mid-80s, low humidity, sunny and gorgeous. I finally put the pillows out on the pool furniture. Last week Paivi and Julie came and planted the annuals in the pots around the pool house and along side the pool. They add so much to the ambience of the outdoor living space. Three of these Palermo woven planters from Frontgate, which have a tropical look to them, go along the right side of the pool.

Three Palermo woven planters with annuals run the length of the pool.

We have stereo system built into the pool house. In addition to the speakers in the “rafters,” these nifty speakers are also planters – the sound comes from the bottom. They not only sound great, but look great.

outdoor speakers/planters

Outdoor speakers for the pool/poolhouse.

We’re ready for swimming, sunbathing, lawn darts, croquet or bocci ball!

Pool area

And, lounging around with friends, or just hanging with my little buddy, Lacy (9-year old Min Pin), and soaking up the beauty around us!

Pool house

And, of course, dining al fresco!

Dining al fresco

All of the gardens are filling in and so far, the deer seem to be doing minimal damage. I was concerned because it was so cold and the snow lasted a long time, which usually means that the deer are starving by spring. So far so good….

Rock garden to the left.

Rock garden to the left.

Backyard garden

Rock garden to the right

The Hydrangeas are doing spectacularly well this year after last year’s fiasco – they never bloomed. I can’t believe the size of these white ones. I’m picking some later for the dinner table, which usually causes me some angst. I feel if I pick them the bush will look barren, but that can’t possibly be the case. They’re bountiful as well as magnificent!


Look at the size of this blossom!


My first clippings ever from the gardens!

My first clippings ever from the gardens!

This hydrangea bush is an enigma. I’ve never seen one bloom both blue and pink before. In previous years, it’s always been blue; and the pink seems unusually pink. I know that the acidity of the soil has something to do with the color, but I can’t imagine how this bush came to bloom in multicolor. But, I’m loving it!

Multicolored Hydragena

The entire weekend is supposed to be like today and I look forward to enjoying every moment and taking in the beautiful landscaping designed and maintained by Bren Landscaping and Masonry.

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