Welcome to my new blog series Mother-of-the-Bride, aka “The MOB Blog”. Our daughter Margot and her beau Andy got engaged on February 7, 2017. We couldn’t be more thrilled; Andy is already like a son to us! The big surprise is that they want to get married here at home AND the date is September 16, 2017, yes only six months away. (I’ve either lost my mind or am about to!)

The MOB Blog

“The Ring!”

The Mother-of-the-Bride Journey

Great progress has been made to date. We’ve secured the caterer, Fabulous Feasts, who we’ve used for a couple of years now, and they truly are fabulous feasts. I also secured a 10-toilet portable restroom trailer from Royal Restrooms; our septic tank could never handle this large a crowd. The guest list is a little over 200 — they have lots of friends!!

The MOB Blog

Andy and Margot

I moved on to get as much info for the budgeting process as I could by either calling companies or using the net to get pricing for tents (flaps, fans and heaters, just in case of inclement weather) linens, tableware, flatware, tables, chairs, huppah and shuttle buses, etc. I must admit in less than three weeks, I was a little proud of myself for being so efficient. Then I made a phone call….

Do We Really Know What We’re Doing????

We have a neighbor from our previous home who is a wedding planner and mother to my older daughter Claire’s best friends – twins – Eric and Kristina. I called Audrey to pick her brain. Then I called Margot and told her what I learned. We quickly realized that our lack of experience in putting together such an event was a road to disaster and we hired Audrey from Audrey Pierot Events! Immediately, the stress level went down and my daughter and I know we’ll have a magnificent event with expert assistance.

The MOB blog

Andy (our new son-in-law), Margot, Eric,
Trish and Roxie Rae, Jane, Roger (Margot’s new parents-in-laws and our new family!)
(left to right)

Audrey was supposed to come up today with Stamford Tent & Event Services to look over the grounds, measure for the tent(s) and meet the caterer. We had a few inches of snow last week and had to postpone. The tent people need to have full access and visibility of the property. We rescheduled for 3/28.

The MOB blog

Middle yard where the ceremony takes place.


The MOB blog

Side yard for the tent, dinner and dancing.

Now, it looks like we may have to postpone again. We’re expecting a BIG storm tonight and the prediction is 12- to 18-inches!!! It always happens in March that one last storm. However, the weather predictions following the storm are for continued cold weather, not good for melting the snow and with the higher elevation where we live, the temps stay colder here than the surrounding areas.

The MOB blog

Pool house for reception.


The MOB blog

Pool area for reception

So, this planning portion is on hold pending better weather…. In the meantime, as Mother-0f-the-Bride, I’ll be posting a new entry in our wedding planning adventure every Monday. Still to come, a save-the-date card mishap and bride and bridal party dress shopping!

5 comments on “Mother-of-the-Bride

  1. Erica Tursi on

    Trish – LOVED reading this. So excited for Margot and think its sweet how life comes full circle to bring us all together again. Love you and your family (and hope my mom can help)!

  2. Jane Borchin on

    Your final MOB blog was worth the wait, Trish! Definitely a lovely trip down memory lane! I loved the pictures and most especially your inclusion of the wedding ceremony video! That will be one I intend to watch on September 16, 2018 and thereafter. Thank you SO MUCH for the multiple hours you put into this blog – it is something the kids will have for their lifetime; to remember their special day and all the days that led up to it. This is a keepsake not only for them but for their future children! Kudos to you!


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