How To Roast Meat

how to roast

This is the first segment in a Master Class on How To Roast Meat, which provides information on preparing, cooking, resting and serving a perfectly cooked roast.  We broke the class down into five separate videos for easy viewing. See the master class playlist here.

How To Tie a Roast

Tie a boneless roast to keep an even shape and cook evenly.


Factors that Affect Roasting Time

There are three factors that affect roasting time:

  • How much it weighs.
  • Whether it’s bone-in or boneless.
  • The temperature or the roast before cooking


How to Cook the Perfect Roast

I like the low and slow method of roasting for even cooking and juicy meat. Sear the meat first, let it sit out to warm up before putting in the oven and set your time to match the desired internal temperature, such as rare or medium rare. Click here to get a chart on cooking times per pound and here to see minimum internal temperature recommendations.

Rest the Roast for Optimum Results

Rest the meat after taking it out of the oven to maintain juiciness and flavor.

Here’s a quick recap of the important points on the roasting technique.




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