How To Clean Mushrooms

Cleaning mushrooms is annoying task. In culinary school I was trained to gently wipe the tops and bottoms with a damp cloth or paper towel. If you’re only using a few mushrooms, that’s not so bad. But, if you need a couple of pounds worth, then it’s absurd. Yes, mushrooms do absorb liquid, but they have to remain in that liquid for a long time to become waterlogged. Here’s how to clean mushrooms, lots of them or just a few.

To clean mushrooms, fill a large bowl with cold. Dump the mushrooms in the water and swish around. Let sit for 30 seconds to allow the dirt to settle to the bottom. Scoop into a colander with your hands. Large batches of mushrooms clean in batches, refreshing the water.

Rinse the mushroom with a quick spray and turn out onto a large flour-sack towel, cover and gently dry. To store, place in a brown paper bag (lunch bag) in the vegetable bin. These will stay fresh and firm for days.

Don’t trim or cut the mushrooms until you’re ready to use them. The cut edges only dry out and need to be trimmed again.

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Watch How to Clean Mushrooms here.

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