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Side Yard

My friend Dennis Leahy, owner of Bren Landscaping & Masonry Co., and I have been planning throughout the winter for me to do guest blogging on outdoor entertaining on his website. I’ll be
posting pictures on this site of the gardens on my property showing how they evolve over the seasons, which may inspire some you gardeners out there!

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last several years taking on projects that have created what my husband and I refer to as “paradise.” The lot encompasses ten acres, half of which are wetlands. There are several different garden areas and lots of stone walls. The planning of the gardens I left totally up to Bren and their designer Leanna. I have neither knowledge of nor talent for gardening, as a matter of fact, any plant that gets within arms reach of me begins to quiver!

Bren has done a super job of using color, especially using vibrant plants that come out at different times throughout the season, providing constant color. We have a variety of grasses and I love to sit and watch them sway. I always request that they leave them over the winter. They give me something to look at when there is little else but snow.

We scheduled the first post for today having assumed that the spring cleanup would have been done by now. Instead, I’m posting the pictures of our March storms. We tend to be the last customer that Bren does spring cleanup for because our snow lasts and lasts and lasts. Check us out at Bren Landscaping and Masonry Co. We’re really looking forward to getting back outdoors for more than five minutes at a time!








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