Identifying Fresh Fish

Characteristics of Fresh Fish

We had lots of fun making this Fresh Fish Master Class video. I had my first guest, Aust Martin
from Aust stopped on the way over, on a rainy, gray day, to catch a trout for the show. You can’t get any fresher than that!

It’s really important to purchase your fish from a pristine fish monger. The place should sparkle, have a very fresh smell, like seawater. The cases should be filled with lots and lots of ice, but the fish should not be in any water. Another important key to freshness is turnover, which means frequent purchases and replenishment

Fresh Fish Characteristics

Yes: Crystal clear, plump, moist
No: sunken or cloudy

Characteristics of Fresh Fish


Yes: Clean, cold and bright color
No: Slimy and dark color


Yes: wet and whole
No: dried out, torn or broken


Yes: cold, wet, slippery and resilient when poked
No: sticky, finger indentation remains when poked

Characteristics of Fresh Fish


Yes: Clean, fresh
No: funky, fishy

Watch the video here.

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