Final Days Before the Wedding

Final Days Before the Wedding

It’s the final days before the wedding and we’re all at the “let’s party” moment and forget about planning! The wedding is two days away and we’re exhausted. The last-minute details are weighing on us all.

Margot had her final dress fitting on Saturday and we celebrated with lunch at Dos Caminos. Eric is picking up the dress today and bringing it home!

Final Days Before the Wedding

We dropped as much of the wedding paraphernalia as we could on Tuesday at the Club.

Final Days Before the Wedding

Dropping off goodie bags at the Hilton Garden Inn Norwalk for our guests.

Final Days Before the Wedding

Filled with water bottles, snacks, fruit and a hangover remedy kit with Advil, Pepto and Tic Tacs.

The program is done and we have these adorable bubbles to blow when the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

Final Days Before the Wedding

Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner hosted by Roger and Jane Borchin at Craft 14 Restaurant + Bar. It’s a large party of 45, and a great way to kick start the weekend.

Final Days Before the Wedding

Saturday, the bridal party is off early to the hairdresser and then on to the Club for a light tea lunch and makeup.

The entire wedding party and family will arrive before 3pm and we’ll have the reveal, Margot presented to Andy in her dress and veil. Then tons of wedding pictures.

The wedding is at 5:30pm and Claire’s boyfriend Bryan is videotaping the ceremony on his phone so we can post it on YouTube for Grandma and Gramps. My parents are unable to attend, but we have cousins in Rochester who are spending the evening with them to watch the video and share a celebratory dinner. Thank you Bryan and Begys!!!

We’ll wrap up the weekend with a pool party brunch for our out-of-town guests, about 90, with wood-oven pizza, salad and dessert from Skinny Pines and later College Creamery, an ice cream truck, arrives for more sweets. We also have the makings for s’mores in the fire pit.

It’s an exciting weekend coming up!

The final MOB blog is all about the wedding weekend – stay tuned.

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    • trish on

      The whole process has been so much fun (with a few “moments” :-)) and the outcome so fantastic! It may take a couple of weeks to get the blog up – don’t know if I want to wait for the photographer’s photos – we probably have enough.



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