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Country Club of Darien


The last thing you want when planning a wedding is a last minute change of venue! It sounds like a recipe for disaster.

We had quite the shock when we got the tent estimate. The cost represented three-quarters of our wedding budget, which I can assure you is quite generous. I sent the proposal to the kids and Andy’s response was a simple “I just died.” I felt his pain. Margot, to her credit, was weepy and agitated when she called, but she held it together. I told her to let Daddy and I talk and I would get back to her.

With what I had no idea. Yes, we could always add money to the budget, but that didn’t solve the problem of spending so much money on tents for a few hours. I went online to search for wedding venues in our area and started sending requests for availability on September 16, 2017. I sent about a dozen emails.

Country Club of Darien

The Country Club of Darien

Unbelievably, about an hour later, the wonderful, amazing Erika Catering Director from a country club in Fairfield County, called and said she might be able to help; she said “sit tight and I’ll get back to you.” At 3pm she called, said it was a go and could we come and look at the site. My husband and I arrived at the club by 4pm.

Country Club of Darien

The venue is beautiful! There is a gorgeous lawn overlooking the golf course for an outdoor ceremony, weather permitting.

Country Club of Darien

Garden along the lawn.

Country Club of Darien

Rooms for both the bride and groom and their attendants to prepare.

We were treated to a cocktail and a nosh before leaving, delicious! Erika was so accommodating and helpful.

We got home and called the kids and told them about our tour and I sent them the photos I took with my iPhone and scanned the menus and other info Erica had provided. They agreed to come up the following Saturday for a lunch and tour.

Country Club of Darien

Thankfully they were as delighted with the venue as we were. The setting and clubhouse are charming. We were treated to a lunch, again delicious food. I had an amazing saffron mussel soup, chock full or mussels.

Country Club of Darien

After working out the details, we signed the contract the next Saturday. Our change of venue is confirmed. Do I need to tell you how relieved I was!!!!

Everyone is telling me how much easier it will be with the change of venue; I think they may be right!


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  1. Jane Borchin on

    Your pictures are beautiful, Trish! The outside looks tranquil-the inside looks elegant! September 16 will be memorable! 89 days to go!


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