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Chapter 6 – Gluten-Free Biscotti

I learned so much making biscotti, but nothing has been more challenging that learning to bake without gluten. Here are the titles for Chapter 6 Gluten-Free Biscotti. See my post on the quest for good gluten-free flours, including a recipe for gluten-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Biscotti.


Almond Butter Biscotti
Apple Cranberry Walnut Biscotti
Bourbon Pecan Biscotti
Coconut Candied Lime & White Chocolate Biscotti
Cumin Apricot Biscotti
Fennel Orange Biscotti
Ginger Candied Lemon Peel Biscotti
Honey Sesame Seed Biscotti
Mocha Coffee Biscotti
PB&J Biscotti

Chapter 7 – Nut-Free Biscotti

This was a fun chapter to create. Lots of interesting and diverse nut-free biscotti flavors!


Banana Split Biscotti
Candied Grapefruit & Thyme Biscotti
Caramel Sea Salt Biscotti
Chai Biscotti
Cherry Vanilla
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Biscotti
Eggnog Biscotti
Ginger Biscotti
Gingersnap Biscotti
Key Lime Biscotti
Lavender Biscotti
Lemon Poppyseed Biscotti
Matcha Green Tea Biscotti
Molasses & White Chocolate Biscotti
Peaches & Cream
Peppermint Biscotti
Pineapple Biscotti
S’mores Biscotti

Chapter 5 – Savory Biscotti

Here are Chapter 5  – Savory Biscotti recipe titles for my upcoming biscotti cookbook!


Bloody Mary Biscotti
Blue Cheese Biscotti
Cheddar Dill Biscotti
Chive Biscotti
Curried Raisin Cashew Biscotti
Falafel Biscotti
Four Peppercorn Biscotti
Jalapeno Monterrey Jack Cornbread Biscotti
Pesto Biscotti
Pizza Biscotti
Polenta Asiago & Black Pepper Biscotti
Porcini Rosemary Biscotti
Rye Bacon & Gruyere Biscotti
Tapenade Biscotti

Biscotti Cookbook Update – Chapter 4 Sweet Nutty Biscotti


Here are Chapter 4 recipe titles for my upcoming biscotti cookbook!

Chapter 4 – Sweet Nutty Biscotti

Almond Biscotti
Anise Almond
Apricot Saffron Biscotti
Banana Bread Biscotti
Blueberry Almond Biscotti
Candied Orange Peel Dried Cranberry Biscotti
Cinnamon Pecan Biscotti
Fig & Sage Biscotti
Granola Biscotti
Hazelnut Dried Fruit
Mango Toasted Coconut Biscotti
Maple Pecan Bacon/ Biscotti
Maple Walnut Raisin Biscotti
Passion Fruit Biscotti
Pear Biscotti