Broiled Rainbow Trout

My husband doesn’t care for most fish, so I rarely prepare it. I decided on nights he works late I would make myself a fish dinner. I bought a rainbow trout today, scaled and deboned. I removed the head and cut away the side and back fins, rinsed it in cold water, patted it dry and laid it flat on a lined sheet tray. To keep it moist, I brushed little melted butter over the flesh and seasoned it with Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.

While the fish cooked in the broiler, I added a little minced shallot and garlic to the melted butter and let it sweat for a minute or so. A squeeze of fresh lemon, some chopped chives and a dash of salt and pepper finished the sauce just as the trout came out of the oven.

I really enjoyed it and the quick cooking time (~3 minutes) should keep the dreaded fish smell to a minimum, so as not to offend the sensitive husband when he gets home!


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