Aunt Susan’s Cookies

Aunt Susan's Cookies


Aunt Susan is Andy’s (our future son-in-law) mother’s sister. As I mentioned last week, both Jane and Susan joined us at Kleinfeld for wedding dress shopping. Aunt Susan made these fabulous and delicious wedding dress cookies.

Aunt Susan’s Story

I love to bake but my early tries were not that great until my Mom got a cookbook by Madia Heatter.  Her recipes always turn out great.

Aunt Susan's Cookies

Madia talks about the importance of exact measurements, for example, the eggs should be at least 1/4 cup. Her recipes and advice made a big difference in my baking and it became less of an experiment and more enjoyment.

For Margot’s cookies, I bought the biggest cookie cutter I could find and then went at it with my pliers bending it into just the shape I wanted. I made a pattern to follow. I thought the shape I made would look best as a dress with straps as well as strapless.

Aunt Susan's Cookies

A word of advice, don’t bend the cookie cutter at the seam as it may pop open, and be sure to scrape off any loose paint; I couldn’t find a big unpainted cookie cutter.

My biggest problem was that the cookie dough spread, distorting the form. I thought my egg was too big so in the next batch I used a smaller egg. The cookies still spread. Finally, I cried out to my friends on Facebook looking for a remedy and received a recipe that was exactly like mine except it called for three cups of flour instead of two. Working in that third cup of flour was the perfect solution.Aunt Susan's Cookies

Another trick I learned from Madia was to use two different types of vanilla in a recipe! I used McCormick, an old stand-by of my Mom, and a Madagascar type. I think that makes the flavor better.

Aunt Susan's Cookies

Thank You Aunt Susan!

Well I agree on the flavor – and I certainly appreciate Susan’s diligence in finding a solution to her recipe. The cookies contributed a lovely touch to a very special day – I wish I had more than one! And Margot was very appreciative.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Aunt Susan and Margot

Weather Update

Aunt Susan's Cookies
– the snow is gone! Last week’s rain melted the last piles and the sunshine over the weekend is helping bring forth the yellow forsythias, crocuses and daffodils;

Aunt Susan's Cookies

all the signs of spring. Now if the rain holds off on May 2nd, we may finally get the tent people here!

Aunt Susan's Cookies


2 comments on “Aunt Susan’s Cookies

  1. Jane Borchin on

    Your Cookie blog is srumptious-looking and a lovely tribute to Susan’s creative skills. Thank you, Trish! I can imagine how beautiful your property must be in the Spring by the pictures you’ve posted! So I’m wondering what we can expect next week? You’ll keep us guessing AND coming back to you MOB! Blessings!

    • Trish Lobenfeld on

      I’m taking next week off, don’t have a topic at the moment and I’ll be traveling to Rochester to visit Mom & Dad.

      Writing the article for Susan was such a pleasure. She basically wrote it for me with the info she sent. It is an important part of our memory of this event.



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