25 Biscotti Recipes

I recently overcame my inability to make biscotti that didn’t fall apart when I sliced the log. Then I started creating my own recipes. Yes, a bit plucky in light of the fact that until a few weeks ago I was a total failure at this.

Biscotti are my favorite cookies, though, and I’m so thrilled at my continued success in making cookies that taste good and look good, that I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’m determined to come up with 25 different recipes.

So far I’ve tested a triple-chocolate biscotti twice with great success. I used too much baking powder in the first go round and not enough almond extract, which I corrected in the second test. Second test, however, I used 90% cocoa dark chocolate and it’s a tad too bitter, 85% cocoa is best.

I have also tested one time each recipes for Just Almond, Dark Chocolate & Orange, and Orange-Almond Dipped in Dark Chocolate. The results are very promising, just some minor tweaking.

Tomorrow, I’m trying a recipe for Ginger-Lime with Macadamia Nuts. This one might be a stretch, but I’m hoping it will work. It sounds good in theory, we’ll see….

Wish me luck!

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